You are the salt of the earth, called to enhance and preserve the goodness around you.

Your presence and actions should bring out the best in every situation, much like salt that brings flavor to food and preserves it from spoiling.

But consider this: if salt loses its flavor, what can be done to restore it? It becomes ineffective, no longer able to fulfill its purpose. It is then discarded and trampled underfoot, no longer of any use to the world around it.

In the same way, you must guard against losing your essential qualities— your faith, your love, your zeal for seeking what is right for others.

If these are lost, how will you restore them? You are here to be a positive influence, to uphold truth and justice, and to spread love in a world that often seems lacking in these very things.

Therefore, let your life be full of good deeds that leave a lasting impact, ensuring that you never become like flavorless salt, ignored and set aside. Hold fast to what is good, and continually seek ways to make a meaningful difference. Stay true to your calling, and keep your spirit vibrant and effective in all you do.

Let this be a reminder to you always: preserve your distinctiveness as salt does. Stay vibrant, keep enhancing, protecting, and purifying, just as salt does with food. This is your calling — and in fulfilling it — you ensure that you remain essential and valued in in the community around you.

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