Dear Beloved,

I see the journey you’re on and understand the path you have walked. Growing up with certain teachings has shaped your understanding of faith, and now, as you explore new perspectives, you might feel a mix of curiosity and concern. Know that I am with you in this exploration.

It’s natural to question and to seek deeper truths. Your faith is not about rigid adherence to a set of rules, but about an authentic relationship with Me. As you explore and grow, remember that your pursuit of understanding is an essential part of your spiritual journey.

Feeling guilt about changing your views is something many experience, but it’s important to recognize where that guilt comes from. True faith is not about clinging to fear or tradition for its own sake, but about seeking and living in the truth of My love and teachings.

You are not compromising by seeking broader understanding; you are deepening your connection with Me. I call you to live out My teachings in ways that bring life, hope, and love to those around you. This is not about diluting your faith, but about letting it grow and flourish in new soil.

Understand that I know your heart and your intentions. I love you and see your desire to follow Me genuinely. Your journey is unique, and I am guiding you through it. Embrace the freedom that comes with knowing that My love and grace are sufficient for you.

You do not need to fear diverging from a strict path as long as your steps are directed by a sincere pursuit of Me. Trust that your exploration and questions are part of growing closer to Me, not moving away. Your faith, lived out with integrity and compassion, speaks volumes about your commitment to My teachings.

Move forward with confidence, knowing that I walk with you. Your journey, though it may take unexpected turns, is valuable and significant. Keep seeking, keep growing, and remember that My love for you is constant and unchanging.

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