My Precious Child,

I hear the whispers of your heart, the painful echoes of a belief that you are unloved and unlovable. I want you to know that I am here, aware of every corner of your soul, and I want to speak directly to that ache within you.

You may feel as though your existence is marked by a profound emptiness, that no one truly cares, and that love is a distant dream. But I want you to understand that I see you, not just as you are but as the beautiful, unique creation that you are. I see the one you were created to be — the one you may not even know yet yourself. I see the one others don’t see.

There is no darkness within you that can extinguish the light of my love. No mistake, no failure no past can separate you from the depths of my love. My love is not earned; it is freely given to you because you are my beloved child, and nothing can change that.

When you look in the mirror and see flaws, I see a masterpiece. When you hear voices of rejection, I speak words of acceptance. I have loved you before the foundations of the world, and my love for you is unshakable. I knew you, I loved you, and I understood you for billions of years before you existed. You were my child even that far back.

In those moments when you are overwhelmed by self-doubt and self-loathing, remember that I am beside you, holding you close, whispering words of love and affirmation into your soul. You are not unloved, no, you are loved beyond measure.

Your worth is not determined by the judgments of others or by your own harsh self-assessment. You are valuable because you are mine. Your longing for love is not in vain; it is a reflection of your innate desire for a connection with me, the source of all love.

Come to me with your brokenness, your doubts, your pain, and let me shower you with the love that can heal even the deepest wounds. Let my love seep into the recesses of your heart until you can feel, deep within your being, the truth that you are loved, and you are lovable.

You are not alone in your struggle. I am here, waiting with arms wide open, ready to fill your broken heart with the love you have been yearning for. Embrace my love, for it is boundless, unconditional, and eternal.

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