Humility is like a tree planted in good soil. It doesn’t grow as fast as the weeds that boast of their quick rise, but its roots go deep, and it stands firm and tall in time. The weeds wither quickly, but the tree provides shelter and fruit for many seasons.

So it is with you. When you choose humility over pride, you may not shine as brightly as those who seek their own glory. But in time, your quiet strength will bear fruit – kindness, peace, and true respect from others. The world may admire the proud for a moment, but it remembers the humble for a lifetime.

Remember, it is not the loud or the self-seeking who are truly strong. True strength lies in knowing your worth and the worth of others, in serving and loving without expecting praise. This is the strength I call you to – a strength that changes the world, not by force, but by love.

Truly, the loudest voice is not always the most powerful. True strength, the kind that endures, lies in a gentle spirit, in the ability to listen, to understand, to care. It’s found in those who uplift others rather than seeking to be above them.

It is like the great teacher who bowed before his followers, washing their feet and serving them, giving his very life for them.

Likewise, when you embrace humility, your life sings a melody that resonates with others’ hearts. You become like the tree, strong and life-giving, or like the bird, simple yet joyful. You find that by putting others first, by living with a spirit of gentleness and service, you gain more than you give. You discover a richness of life that pride and self-importance can never offer.

Therefore, my friends, seek not to elevate yourselves above others. Instead, grow deep in love and service, like the tree by the water. In doing so, you will not only find true strength and happiness but also become a source of strength and happiness for others. This is the path I invite you to walk – a path not of self-glory, but of love, a path that leads to a life rich in blessings and joy.

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