Father, in the infinite mystery that you are, beyond our understanding yet closer than our breath, Your name—a symbol of purity and love—anchors us in a world adrift.

May your vision of a world where compassion and justice intertwine become our reality, Transforming our actions to reflect the beauty of your intentions.

Provide us with what we need to flourish—bread for our tables and wisdom for our souls, Fostering growth and understanding within and among us.

Help us navigate our missteps with grace, offering forgiveness as freely as we seek it, Healing relationships fractured by thoughtlessness and pride.

Guide us through the challenges that test our spirit, shielding us from despair, And liberate us from the grip of what diminishes our light.

For in recognizing your presence, we discover our strength and purpose, A journey towards hope, illuminated by your enduring love.

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