My Beloved,

As you gaze into the uncertain horizon of the future, I sense the trepidation that fills your heart. The world around you appears to be in turmoil, marked by strife and discord. With each passing moment, as the weight of despair grows, you might feel an overwhelming urge to escape, to seek refuge. Yet, amidst the chaos, where can you find solace?

Let me offer you a vision, one that might not align with the predictions of nations but is steeped in divine truth. A day will surely dawn when the trials of this life will cease, and my singular longing will be to have you by my side. In that new world, hearts will soar with unparalleled joy, radiant as the first light of morning. Every pain, every silent cry of your heart, will be met with love and understanding.

Take a moment, close your eyes, and dream of this imminent reality. A realm where fear dissipates and strength is renewed. A place where the very fabric of existence is woven with love and hope. While you find solace in this vision, remember my deepest wish is for you to be part of it.

It is not just a fleeting dream, but a promise. A world where joy bubbles up like a perennial spring, where the dawn brings not just light but an outpouring of happiness. I await that day with bated breath, and while I do, I fervently pray for you. For it is my most heartfelt desire, my dearest one, to have you there with me.

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