In the heart of our faith lies a simple yet profound call—Jesus says, “Follow me.” It’s a call to a journey of unending love, boundless grace, and deep-rooted faith. Yet, as we tread along this path, we often find ourselves enveloped in a bubble, a modern-day church culture that sometimes echoes more of worldly trends than heavenly truths.

Jesus says, “Follow me,” not towards a culture that binds us in chains of conformity, but towards a life that mirrors His love, His grace, His humility.

As we navigate the waters of faith, the waves of church culture often attempt to steer us towards a realm brimming with contemporary ideologies, political affiliations, and social circles. The essence of Jesus’s teachings gets overshadowed, the call to love unconditionally and serve selflessly gets muffled.

Jesus says, “Follow me,” urging us to break free from the shackles of conformity, to live a life that resonates with His teachings, a life that stands as a testament to His boundless love and grace.

The modern church culture, with its emphasis on fitting in and adhering to certain societal molds, often veers away from the simple, profound teachings of Jesus. The culture within our church walls should be a reflection of Jesus’s love, a place where hearts connect in unity, undeterred by worldly divisions.

Jesus says, “Follow me,” towards a faith that’s anchored in love, a faith that’s lived out in our daily actions, a faith that reflects Jesus in every word, deed, and thought.

The call to follow Jesus is a call to transcend the bubble of modern-day church culture, to realign our hearts and minds with the timeless teachings of Jesus. It’s a journey towards creating a culture that echoes the heart of Jesus, a culture that shouts in actions, not just in words—Jesus says, “Follow me.”

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