Dear Beloved,

I see the weight of bitterness that shadows your heart, clouding the bright moments of your days with the dull hues of past hurts. My child, through these words, I reach out to you, desiring to lift this heavy yoke from your shoulders and to breathe new life into your weary spirit.

Bitterness can grow like a wild plant, starting from a tiny seed and quickly taking over, entangling your heart in its roots. It flourishes in the shadowy places of old wounds and dims the spaces where hope should shine. I see how this bitterness has colored your interactions, how it has shaded your perceptions with past grievances. Yet, this letter is an invitation—an invitation to a freedom that your heart deeply longs for.

Imagine each bitter thought as a chain that binds you. Now, picture my love as a gentle, warming light that softens and breaks these chains, not through force, but through a tender, persistent presence. My love seeks not to dismiss the pain you feel but to acknowledge and transform it, freeing you from its grip. It took you years to develop and feed this bitterness, and while the journey to break free from it may be long, my love lasts longer and outpaces the time it took to build those walls. Together, we will remove this intruder from your heart.

We will work together to forgive and to move on.

Consider how, in times of need, nourishment comes daily. Like nourishment, forgiveness is also a daily sustenance. It doesn’t erase the past but empowers you to live fully today, free from the bonds of bitterness. It may seem as fleeting as the morning dew at first, but it is enough to sustain and renew you.

Dear one, you do not walk this path alone. I am with you, stepping beside you, ready to help you lift your gaze from the shadows of yesterday to the promise of a new dawn. With each step towards forgiveness—whether it involves forgiving another or forgiving yourself—there is healing. In this healing, a persistent love can once again break through, where bitterness once staked its claim.

Do you remember? Can you still feel that persistent love echoing with each heart beat? Do you know it is still there for you to hold onto?

That love has never left, it has only become overshadowed by time and tears. I have never left. Share your struggles as you would with a close friend. In me, you will find a listener who understands the depth of your pain and the vastness of your potential. Together, let us soften the hard soil of bitterness and sow seeds of grace and peace.

I am here, always, waiting with open arms and a heart ready to offer forgiveness and love. Let my peace fill you as you let go of each bitter thought, replacing it with hope that endures. This is the path to true liberation, where joy can once again flourish in your heart.

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